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How To Get An Instant Freelance Online Writing Job: 5 Helpful Tricks

A freelance writer is more like a contact based worker who has complete freedom and gets paid for doing what he loves to do. You will have to be very passionate about writing if you are going to take it up as a profession. Even the best writers have moments of discomforts when they are writing for a living. In this age of superfast internet connection, setting up your own dock and launching your career in the world of online freelancing is not time consuming at all. All you will need is a computer and an active internet connection.

Steps to get instant jobs:

  1. The fastest way to get a job is through bidding. You will have to bid for all possible jobs and as fast you can. This is a great way to launch your career and you will have a good reputation in a short time. But as a beginner you will have to keep your heads down. You cannot negotiate the rates or ask for higher amount because you have no experience yet. But once you have a few successful assignments under your belt, your ratings will go up and you can ask for higher rates.

  2. The fastest way to make your bids work is hiring some of the bidding organizations. They have professional bidders who will bid on your behalf and in return take an amount from the jobs they get you. This is a good arrangement as it lets you work without worrying about writing bids and you get uninterrupted supply of assignments.

  3. You can ask some of the media houses who have a lot of channels under them. You can also ask individual channels and newspapers but the bulk of information comes from media houses and they have tie ups with different papers, so it is more likely you will get an assignment here than in a single news paper.

  4. You can contact some of the blogs and websites that have daily publishing needs. They will have requirements for good writers who will be able to provide articles at a stretch. You can contact tem and send them some of your samples to know if they will publish your writings.

  5. You can ask other freelance writers and get leads from them. It is the fastest way but you will have to chase leads and make new contacts as you move ahead.

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