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What is the Average Freelance Writer’s Salary?

Freelance writing professionally is an excellent way to make a living. Pay varies greatly depending on experience and how many hours one works per week. It’s hard to pin down an exact value, but know that many people have left their ordinary jobs to work full time as a freelance writer. Here are some things you should be aware of before starting in this line of work.

Freelance Writing Full-Time Salary Range

If you write full-time, meaning you work anywhere between 32 to 40 hours per week, you can expect an annual salary between $45,000 to $75,000 US dollars. However, how much you make between these two marks depends on how much you charge for certain types of writing services. If you are a qualified resume writer with certification, for instance, you can expect to charge up to about $200 per resume. Inexperienced resume writers may only get about $100 per resume. Here lies the difference between the low and high ends of the pay range.

Freelance Writing Part-Time Salary Range

Working as a part-time freelance writer will obviously net you less of an annual salary, but there are many perks that go with doing writing just for half the time. For instance, your schedule is a lot more wide open. So if you are looking at enjoying free time, take a class, care for personal or family business, being a part-time writer is great. In a similar fashion where your skill level and experience comes in play you can expect to make anywhere between $20,000 to $40,000 US dollars.

Common Writing Expenses

When considering your salary expectations as a professional freelancer you should also take a look at the expenses you’re likely to encounter along the way. You’re going to be responsible for setting up reliable forms of communication such as telephone or internet to get a hold of your clients. You should also expect a few computer repairs or upgrades, as well as printer paper and regular office supplies. If you regularly meet with clients in your area then expect some travel expenses.

More Considerations

A few more expenses that affect how much you will take home each year are things like vacations, extended weekends, and tax deductions. As unrelated as these things seem, they can greatly affect your decision when considering this career path. Vacations and extended weekends are for you to plan whenever you want, but you’ll likely never really be completely free from work since there may always be a client or two you need contact or bids you need to consider. Tax deductions are also more complicated because you need to keep track of your income. So be sure to research what life is like as freelancer before jumping head first into this new career path.

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