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Is It Possible To Find Well-Paying Freelance Writing Jobs Online With No Experience Required?

Are you looking for high paying freelance writing work, but do not have any experience that you can show-off to potential clients? It will be tough to get a gig that pays well, but if you are lucky, then it can be done. You will need to know where to look to get a good quality writing job, and where looking will prove to be fruitless.

Bidding Sites

At bidding sites you will be asked to make a proposal, and the client will take a look at your profile in addition to your bid. If your profile is empty with no track history, then in most cases you will not be given a chance. This is especially true if the writing job you are trying to get pays well.

Therefore, do not expect to get a high paying job at a bidding site.

Referral From A Friend

If you have a friend who already has a high paying freelance writing job, then they can put in a good word for you with their client. This can help you land a high paying job without the need to show any level of experience. However, since your friend is vouching for you won’t want to let them down. Make sure you are capable of handling the job that is on offer.

Industry Specific Writing

Job offers that want you to write high quality articles on a particular industry such as real estate, internet marketing or weight loss will require experience. Furthermore, some clients require experience that matches the exact industry that they are operating in.

Without any industry related samples to show such a client will not even consider your application – regardless of how good your writing ability is.

A Degree And Samples

Those of you who have degree in journalism or English Literature might find that coming upon a high paying freelance writing gig with no experience will be easier. That’s because the degree will show to the client that you have ability.

However, most clients will still insist on samples. You can create some samples without getting any work, and it’s what you should do before starting out. Make sure to write sample articles on various industries. This will increase your chances of showing a wider portfolio of your writing ability.

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