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How Do You Become A Freelance Writer: 4 Main Skills To Possess

Many people dream of becoming a freelance writer. But not everyone has the drive or is suited to becoming a freelance writer in the first place. In order to become a successful freelance writer, there are certain skills one must possess.

Among these skills are four that stand out as the keys to success as a writer. What skills should you keep in mind and try to improve upon? Let’s take a look.

  1. You Need to Be Able to Write Well
  2. This should be fairly obvious. But in order to be able to make a living from writing, one must be able to write and write well.

    When a client hires a freelancer, they’re looking for someone to work on a project that they may not necessarily posses the time or skills to work on themselves. And thus, they’re looking to hire someone who can complete the job according to specifications.

    If you can barely write at a college level, writing may not be the career for you. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t improve.

    Reference technical manuals and grammar guides in order to provide yourself with pointers on language conventions. Taking an English class at your local college may also be worth considering.

  3. You Need to be Internet Savvy (And Computer Proficient)
  4. In today’s age, being somewhat Internet savvy is imperative in many job fields but especially when it comes to working as a freelance writer. Most modern freelance writers earn most of their bread and butter from the web and their computers. The days of snail mailing in an article to a magazine are long gone.

    The successful freelancer can write and mail off an email to a client, post on social networking websites, and operate a word processor. Most freelancers won’t necessarily need to know how to code a website or learn HTML but it’s important for anyone who uses a computer for a living to have basic computer proficiency.

    Know how to navigate the Internet and use a computer and you’ll be all set.

  5. Customer Service is Key
  6. Yes, a freelancer writes for a living. But a freelancer must also be a savvy businessman. In order to secure clients and, in turn, steady work, one must be dedicated to providing ideal customer service.

    Always be mindful of deadlines. Be professional and friendly with clients. Sure, you may be working from home. But it’s up to you to respond promptly to emails and meet the specifications of a clients’ project.

  7. Know How to Work
  8. Sure, you know how to write and you may know how to use a computer. But the key to being able to write for a living is treating it as a job.

    Craft a clear working schedule and set aside a space in your home to use as an office. Minimize distractions and treat your writing time as working time- it’s not your time to play around online or focus on your collection of personal poetry.

    Freelance writing can be a worthy means of earning a living. But only if you know how.

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