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How To Start A Freelance Writing Career: 4 Vital Tips

  1. Put together a portfolio and develop an online presence
  2. In order to demonstrate your ability to write high quality content, it is a good idea to put together a portfolio of your best quality work. This can then be displayed so that potential clients can see that you have the expertise to do the job properly, plus you can send individual relevant samples with any job proposals.

    Equally, you should think about developing an online presence, including registering with various social media platforms, as well as starting a blog or website. These are a great way of showcasing your talents, and should be regularly updated with fresh high quality content.

  3. Choose how you wish to find potential clients
  4. You may wish to find clients through various content mills and other freelance websites; alternatively, you may wish to try and find private clients of your own. Whilst you are likely to find that private clients are more willing to pay higher rates, it can be considerably more troublesome to know where to look to find them, as well as knowing what a client might require before you send a proposal.

    Essentially, there are pros and cons to either approach, so you will need to decide which one, on balance, you think is more appropriate. Ultimately, many new freelancers opt for the content mill route when they first started out as it’s a good way to develop a reputation.

  5. Decide whether or not you wish to specialise in a niche
  6. Another thing that you will need to consider is whether or not you will specialise in a particular niche. If you are writing for private clients then this can be particularly useful; however, it does potentially limit the range of jobs you can apply for.

    Whilst specialising in a niche potentially make you more appealing to clients who require work written in that niche, you also need to consider how popular that niche is with other writers, and how competitive the marketplace will therefore be. It may be that you specialise in a niche, but still take on jobs relating to other topics.

  7. Understand how to write good quality job proposals
  8. The final thing to consider is how to write good quality job proposals. The main thing to be aware of here is the need to address the requirements of the job and the client that you will be working for. Essentially, you need to demonstrate your capability for doing that particular job, and not just provide a list of any achievements of jobs that your work done in the past.

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