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5 Skills Needed To Make A Good Career In Freelance Writing For Magazines

If you want to career as a freelance writer for a magazine, you need to have the following skills:

  1. The first skill is research abilities. Obviously the better you are as an investigative reporter; the easier it will be for you to write top-notch pieces. If you do bare minimum research and do not have access to many potential interviewees as well as high-quality peer-reviewed journals, you might not be able to cultivate the perfect argument with sustained background information that your magazine requires.
  2. Make sure that your profile is comprehensive. You cannot leave your profile blank with no picture, and limited data about yourself. Clients want to see your credentials as well as a thorough portfolio. If you can also play a sample clients will be much less inclined to hire you.
  3. Familiarize yourself with one area of the magazine for which you want to write, so that you have a niche. If you enjoy feature pieces, focus on that.
  4. Make sure you have a comprehensive portfolio. If you have found a particular niche and you were going to provide web content, make sure that one of the pieces in your portfolio is that the web content. If you have written content for previous client be sure to ask permission before posting the sample as part of your portfolio. Some clients require that you sign a nondisclosure agreement before starting a project the stipulations for which may indicate that you are not allowed to share the content you have written at any point in the future as your own. If that is the case avoid posting it as part of your portfolio at all costs.
  5. Make sure you read the requirements of the particular job before you bid. Even if you bid on 12 different jobs each day, and you use the same generic big text, make sure you took the time to read the requirements and craft your big text appropriately. You can use the same bulk of the text so long as you make sure to address any client concerns. The client asks you a specific question in the details for their job, answer it. If you fail to do this it will only show that you did not take the time to read their requirements which will reflect poorly on your attention to detail and cause the client to go with somebody else.

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