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A Guide For Freelance Writers: 5 Steps To Creating Solid Resumes

One of the most important things you can do when beginning a career as a freelance writer is creating a solid resume that strongly showcases your skills. This will increase the likelihood of a client hiring you. No matter what level of experience you have, every independent writer wants a high income of clients who desire their skill. If you’re just starting off, here are 5 steps to follow to ensure that your resume is compelling and desirable to potential clients:

  1. Format: Format your resume so that it looks clean and simple, but professional. A crisp document will impress clients and will make your profile or portfolio seem more credible. A client wants a freelance worker who knows how to portray himself or herself, so that they can proudly represent their client.
  2. Don’t make it any longer than a paper: Although everyone’s sure you’ve had vast experience and are highly qualified, you need to be able to condense all of your credentials to one page. This will show the client that you know how to highlight main points and can effectively write something no matter the length. This will also make it easier for the client to skim over while reading; you don’t want to bore him or her, as this will make them less inclined to hire you.
  3. State an objective: Though not required, stating an objective distinguishes your resume from any other that could be used for any job. This shows the client that you took the time to modify your document so that it was tailored specifically for that job, which will show higher interest.
  4. Start from your most recent, and go back to the beginning: When listing past experience, always list any job or internship in which you are either currently or were most recently employed in. Use four to five bullet points beneath each title that briefly describes your tasks and responsibilities. If you have extensive experience, you may only be able to fit two to three bullet points.
  5. List awards and titles: If you were nominated for a creative writing award or you were published in a local magazine, be sure to mention that on your paper. Extracurricular activities that are pertinent, scholarships, and honorable mentions should all be put on display for the client to see. This will comfort them in knowing that they will receive quality content.

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