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Writing A Freelance Writer’s Resume: A Brief Guide For Newbies

Freelance writing is an exciting career choice that gives people the opportunity to work on as many or as few projects as they want, let’s them work from anywhere they want, and can prove to be a great source of income that allows them to do this full time. It’s no wonder more people are leaving their cramped cubicles for this exciting career. Creating a resume, though, can be a challenge because a freelancer’s resume is quite different from a lot of the resumes you may be accustomed to seeing. Here is a brief guide for those who are new to the field:

Choosing the Right Style

You’re probably aware that there are hundreds of resume styles out there. But no matter how you like to think outside the box most potential clients will likely prefer to look at the more traditional formats. You have to simple options, either to organize your content chronologically or functionally. The difference in the two comes down to the kind of history you have and the job you are applying to.

Include Your Best (Recent) Experience

No matter what style you choose, you need to pay special attention to what you choose to include in your resume. You want to highlight your best work, but not if it’s several years old. It’s a good idea to constantly record a one-sentence summary of each of your projects in order to quickly reference them when you need to in putting in your best content.

Put In a Great Pitch

When starting your freelancing career you quickly find that you aren’t simply an individual working for a company but that you are also a business of your own. Businesses don’t provide skills, they provide services. You want to tell your potential clients what services you can provide. Remember that a lot of the people who hire freelance writers simply don’t have the resources to complete a project or don’t know how to do it. Keeping this in mind you should let them know what you can do to solve their problems.

Don’t Forget Your Online Presence

As a freelance writer you should definitely have professional website where you can display your best pieces in a portfolio and could provide more information about your services, terms and rates. While you can’t fit all of this information on your resume, it’s important that you provide links to your site so that potential clients can quickly find samples when they are comparing potential hires.

Include Work Samples

If you are submitting a one or two page resume you should be able to attach a couple of samples that closely relate to the work you are applying to. For instance, if you are applying to write cover letters or resumes, then be sure to give samples of your past work in order to drive home the point that you are talented and have the expertise.

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