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Where To Apply For The Best Freelance Content Writing Jobs

The answer to the question in the title of this article depends on your ability. The world of freelance writing has exploded in recent years. Not only are there huge numbers of jobs available but there huge areas or subjects about which you can write. So applying for the best freelance content writing jobs is not as simple as it may seem.

Your first task is to know exactly your strengths and weaknesses. If you are an expert at writing blogs or articles or e-books for example, then those types of writing jobs are the ones you should be seeking. If you are not an experienced technical writer or have no marketing experience or an ability to write sales letters, then you should avoid applying for those jobs. If by chance you did get one of those well-paid freelance writing jobs you would find yourself in a great deal of trouble because your experience would not allow you to produce the standard required.

Of course you can fix your areas of weakness by a taking courses and acquiring new skills and information to enable yourself to write in different areas. But for now make sure you understand what you can do and do well.

Discover the various agencies

You will find that even with a cursory examination that there are a significant number of freelance writing job agencies. Your task is to discover them and then to grade them. It's pointless joining a freelance writing agency if it does not offer the best type of jobs. If you are aiming to get top quality work then you need to join a top quality agency.

Having discovered a number of the various agencies, draw up a check list of questions and work your way through the various agencies to see if they meet your required standard. You're wasting your time joining an agency which doesn't offer the type of work you can do or doesn't offer work which you regard as being in the category of best freelance content writing jobs. You have to do your homework.

Once you have discovered the websites of the agencies which are most likely to satisfy your job seeking needs, obviously you would join such agencies and then do the various things required to improve your status within the agency. If that means improving your portfolio and CV then do so. If you don't have the expertise to do it yourself, there are courses you can take or people you can employ to do it for you. Finding the best freelance content writing jobs is only the first step. Knowing how to successfully apply for them and win the bids is the ultimate goal.

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