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Looking for a Stable Job: Basic Tips for Freelance Content Writers

When you are looking for the opportunity to be your own boss and be able to pick and choose the work you want to do then you may want to consider working as a freelance content writer. This rewarding career field can provide you with a happy way to earn a living where you are your own boss, get to pick and choose whom you work with and select the topics you want. However, making this a stable job is not as easy as it may sound. Here are some tips for getting started as a writer in this field.

Contract organizations

One of the first places you can start when you are getting established is to sign on with a contract group. These contractors have a group of clients they work with and when you are on their team they will send you on the contracts that fit your skills. This is a great way to start gaining work and growing your experience within the industry.

Freelance websites

Many websites are now available where you can sell and buy services including those for writing. When you are looking for an opportunity consider starting here and setting up a page to sell your services as a content writer. These sights may charge a fee but they are great to work with and help you to get started.

Selling your writing

Just like sites where you can sell services, there are also sights where you can sell your written work. These sights show a small sample and if a customer is interested in what you are writing then they will bid or purchase to earn the rights to that writing. These sights give your work a large amount of visibility with a variety of different contractors.

Contact editors

Another choice is to contact editors of publications and websites to see if you can provide them with work. Editors will often post a list of upcoming topics and if you have something available that matches then contact them for publication. However, many of these are not paid work in the beginning until you establish a relationship with an editor.

Working as a freelancer gives you flexibility and freedom in the work that you do but it will take some time to get established with stable work. If you try these tips you will be on your way, though!

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