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What Does Freelance Writing Mean: Useful Tips For Newbies

Freelance writing is a good way to make some extra cash without ever having to leave your home. If you enjoy writing and you are good at it, then you could make a living with freelance writing. But, before you go ahead and quit your day job, you have to start at the beginning and work your way up. Freelance writing is a great opportunity that can really be a good idea. It can also help you build up your writing skills that will help you in school, at work, or whatever job you may have.

  1. Check for jobs consistently
  2. Even if no one is hiring you right away, do not get discouraged. It takes time. You need to be checking for new jobs all the time. People are always posting about new writing jobs that they need to be finished. Some of them are long-term, and some of them are short-term. And even the short-term jobs can become long-term. In other words, you need to be aware of what is out there at all times. Keep checking back until you find the right job for you. And even then, you should still be looking so that you can have a job lined up for when you finish the one that you are doing.

  3. Build up experience with smaller jobs

    You have to start somewhere. Doing the small jobs and getting your feet wet is how you build up to the well-paid writing opportunities. It will also help you get a feel for the land and see what works for you and what does not work. Like the saying goes, “you have to learn to crawl before you can walk”.

  4. Do your best to get good reviews

  5. Meet EVERY deadline

  6. Be aware of scams
  7. Not every is posting about honest work. There are a handful of people out there that are in it to scam newbie writers. To avoid those scams, check out the potential client’s profile and see if they have hired other people before and if those people have gotten paid for their work. Also, check to see if they have a verified payment source, which will be shown on their profile page.

  8. Do not bite off more than you can chew
  9. It is very easy to get swept up in all of the possibilities and take on more than you can handle. Sometimes when you apply for multiple jobs, you get multiple responses at once. It can be hard to say no sometimes, but have to say no so that you do not overwhelm yourself.

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