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How To Get The Most Profitable Freelance Content Writing Jobs In 3 Steps

Being a student, invariably means being on a tight budget. So, unless you want to spend the next two or three years living off beans on toast and microwaveable dinners for one, you need to start thinking about ways in which you are going to fund the lifestyle that you want while at college. You also need to find a way of generating a decent income that is still going to enable you to:

Working set hours, particularly day-time is not going to be an option, and evening shifts present their own challenges as they can seriously limit the amount of time that you have to do your research, and of course your social life. Freelance writing could literally enable you to have your cake and eat it! However, as with everything in life there are do’s and don’ts. It is no good slaving away day in and day out, for freelance gigs that are barely going to buy you a loaf of bread let alone the can of beans to accompany it. Your freelance writing career can and will be profitable if you follow my three easy steps:

Number one

Scratch what I just said above. At least in part. The quickest way to get profitable freelance content writing work is to accept several low paying jobs at first. Why on earth would you want to do that? The answer is simple. The industry is cut-throat and you need to build a reputation. Decent employers are not going to just award an untested freelance a high-paid job. You have to start at the bottom. That said, if you are taking low paid jobs initially just to build your reputation, then make sure they are quick and simple. There is nothing to be gained from slaving away for hours for a pittance.

Number two

Make sure that you deliver on time, every time. This means not biting off more than you can chew. A lot of freelancers get a taste of the independence that comes with being a freelancer and go into a bidding frenzy, ending up with more work than they can possibly deliver. Online work portals such as and all come with the facility for employers to rate the people that they hire. Missing a deadline even by one day, will affect your stats, which in turn will impact upon your ability to get profitable freelance work.

Number three

Don’t fall into the trap of sacrificing the quality of your work, no matter how tired you are, or what other external pressures you are facing. Yes, you may occasionally get away with submitting a sub-standard piece, but eventually it will catch up with you and could bite you big time on the backside. The only way to ensure that you get the kind of rates that you deserve, is by delivering high-quality content on time, every time. Your efforts will eventually pay off and potential employers will come flocking to you.

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