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Becoming a Freelance Writer Without Any Experience: an Unattainable Goal?

Even the top freelance writers in the world once started their career without any experience. Although beginning a career in writing is difficult, it is not a completely impossible goal. A lack of experience means that a writer will need to work harder. They may need to find an internship, create a website or blog for free as they jump start their career.

Be Good at Writing

Having experience is great, but the one requirement of a writer is the ability to write. For the writer to attract and keep clients, they must be able to eloquently manipulate the English language. Starting out, the early projects may have a low per-word rate. In order to earn a living wage, the writer must be able to write well and fast. If they are unable to do this, there are plenty of university courses that offer training in the field of writing.

Be Up on Latest Developments

This rule is applicable for any field. Even if the individual is a talented writer, they still have to remain current in their field. If they want to be a science writer, they would need to be familiar with the latest scientific developments. Likewise, a blogger or content creator needs to understand how industry terms like SEO work.

Study English and Internet Tech

When someone does not have experience, they can make up for it through their education. Receiving an undergraduate degree in English, journalism or Internet technology will open up an entire world of new projects. Some f the most in-demand writing projects on the web are in the field of Internet technology. Every new phone, gadget or software program that comes out is reviewed by each technology site. If the writer is knowledgeable about this subject, they will basically be able to always find projects.

Develop a Portfolio

Without job experience, a writer will need to have a strong portfolio. This file will consist of examples of the writer's best work. To develop these examples, writers can pick a subject and write about it. They could also try volunteering at a non-profit organization or starting an internship. These options are inexpensive, easy ways to get verifiable job experience.

Start Small: Reaching Out to Clients

There are websites online that promise a six-figure income as a writer. Although these projects do exist, they tend to be awarded to writers who already have a wealth of experience. In the beginning, it is perfectly fine for the writer to start off with small, fairly paid projects.

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