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Where To Write And Get Paid: Essential Tips For Freelancers

When people say that freelancers have it tough, they are not wrong. It’s true that freelancing may not offer as much security and stability as a regular, nine to five job, but, really, it all depends on the amount and quality of the work you get. This might be a little tough for people have just entered the field: the work is less, and the competition is fierce. But with all the right tips and tricks, and with obvious talent, you can find good work to get you by.

But I don’t want to be stuck at the bottom of the pile. Where do I start?

You can start by scouring magazines and publications you want to write for. Get a feel of the publication: read the type of articles they publish, the tone they use, and the general length and target audience. If you get an idea for an article, send in a small, formal query to the editor, asking whether he or she would be interested in publishing it. Make sure that your query tells him/her what the piece hopes to achieve.

Yes, there are chances that you might be rejected. But, that is how freelancing works. Whatever the response may be, do not be deterred.

What about content mills? They seem to have a lot of work.

As tempting as they may seem, try to stay away from content mills. They might be teeming with clients, but ones who do not pay well.

Thus, it is better not to waste time on such platforms and pursue other genuine forms of work. Besides, respected clients know to stay away from content mills.

Most essentially, it is important to always stay positive. Most famous freelancers get rejected hundreds of times before they get good work. Just keep trying and pursuing your passion. You will, eventually, be rewarded.

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