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How To Get Into Freelance Writing: Solid Advice

Freelance writing is quite appealing as it offers a potentially stable source of good income with flexible working hours all from the comfort of one’s home. There are so many different types of job requested it’s also possible for just about anyone with a good enough grasp of English find employment here. Here are five pieces of advice for anyone considering pursuing freelance writing as a career:

  1. Brush up on your literary skills
  2. As a writer you will be called upon to perform many different types of literary tasks. It is important that you posses adequate skills and experience to fulfill all and any of the possible task with competence and speed. Take some time to improve your writing skills by doing some short courses and researching the possible skill sets you may require. Possessing a varied skill sets improves your chances of finding jobs in an unpredictable market.

  3. Construct a high quality portfolio
  4. Employers often scrutinize the profiles of freelancers thoroughly before making a selection for their job requests. Use any means available to make your own profile appear most favorable to a prospective employer and be sure to post a sample of your writing quality for viewing.

  5. Register with an online hosting company
  6. Many companies provide the service of bringing individuals with job requests and freelancers together. They put many structures in place that ensure safe, fair dealings between clients and freelancers so registering with one of these hosts is a must. The company will receive a small percent of the wages you earn and in exchange you can work safe in the knowledge that your payment is guaranteed.

  7. Build a good reputation
  8. Take the time at the start of your career to build a reputation, this can mean working for small wages, or taking on tedious repetitive tasks. This is stage is necessary and you must accomplish it with vigilance because this is how you build a reputation. Upon completing jobs successfully your overall rating on the site will raise, thus increasing your chances of being hired.

  9. Gain experience and expand your horizons
  10. Don’t become too comfortable with your current wages and job types, always seek to expand your reach into other fields. Higher paying job types require more advanced skill sets so use your free time wisely, take a course whenever you can to expand your skill set and always seek out better jobs.

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