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Freelance Sports Writers For Hire: How To Get A Good Job

Landing a good job as a freelance sports writer can be a dream come true to sports fans with a talent for writing captivating pieces others would like to read. There are several opportunities available through print and online. Here are a few tips on how to get a hired for a good job:

Study the Industry

Sports writing is such a large industry that there are a number of niche opportunities that you might do especially well in. Research the industry and see what other writers are putting out there. To start you want to have a fresh voice, however, don’t stray too far from the topics that interest readers. Most employers who hire freelancers have an established style they want to maintain.

Identify Your Strengths

This is something that every freelance writer should do from time to time. Improvement is constantly occurring and you are more likely of finding the right project if you take inventory of what you can do best. For instance, some people can compose excellent material worthy for print media, while others can create good opinion pieces that are better suited for online blogs.

Create a Compelling Profile

An important step to finding success in freelancing is to create a compelling profile that gets clients interested in what you have to offer. List your skills, experience and specialties. Keep your profile short and to the point. Anything that is long might turn away your potential clients. If you have some example pieces be sure to upload them to the profile. Choose pieces that show your best abilities.

Submit Targeted Bids

It’s never a good idea to submit a generic bid to different jobs. Each job listing and the client posting it will require specific items in their description that you should address directly in your bid. A good way to make sure you are doing this is to make a list of all the requirements as mentioned in the description, then offer point-by-point your capabilities in providing solutions to those specific needs.

Be Patient and Persistent

New freelancers often feel discouraged soon after getting started because they don’t get the best or highest paying jobs right away. Some writers even go weeks between projects. The best advice we can give you is to be patient and be persistent. Don’t stop sending out your bids and come to an understanding that it’s perfectly natural to struggle at first. Keep in mind that you could be just one really good bid away from landing that dream freelance sports writing job.

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