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Where To Search For Well-Paid Freelance Writing Jobs Online

Freelance writing has many pros and cons—the question is whether or not it is a suitable career to you. If you feel that you have the necessary independent, yet collaborative, qualities, to pull off the work of this career than we are here to help you! Help you in your search to find the best possible writing jobs out there. Keep reading to find out where you can search for well-paid freelance writing jobs online.

  1. Professional Website
  2. Building a professional website is important because it allows you to create a brand for yourself and creates a way to legitimize your professional status. Your professional website can be advertised on all other communications. This is a place where you can include your skills, education, resume, contact information, portfolio, and eventually rates.

  3. Business-Networking Sites
  4. Although social networking sites may sometimes feel like a necessity, business-networking sites truly are a must for freelance professionals. Your business-networking site is a place where you can list all of your professional information, as well as others can leave recommendations and endorsements for you, too. You will use these sites to connect with people you have worked with professional, and it will also be a tool in getting new jobs as well.

  5. Writing Communities
  6. There are many different writing communities available online. Explore these websites, message boards, and forums to look for interesting leads. You may find a job posted on one of these sites or you may find a seasoned professional with great recommendations as to where well-paid projects can be located.

  7. Job Postings
  8. Aside from writing communities, you should check traditional employment ads too. Use job search websites and take advantage of the filter features in search. This will help you in finding the kind of contractual work you seek, at the right rate, too.

  9. Applying
  10. One more way you can find work is by applying directly to a publication of interest. Maybe the online source does not have a job posted, but that does not mean they do not have room for the right candidate. There is no harm in asking.

By creating a professional website you will have a public presence, bringing more authority to your communications on business networking sites, in writing communities, and through job postings. Additionally, you can always apply directly to a publication as a prospective freelance writer. With these steps and increased experience you will attain more well-paid writing jobs.

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