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7 Keys To Getting A Great Part-Time Paid Freelance Writing Job

Getting a paid freelancing job has now become simpler with online web portals. Now all you have to do is search for potential clients through these websites. But the competition is fierce because there are many like you, who want to bag the assignment. To get the best paid deals you will need to learn some tricks, you will also need to be technology friendly.

Here are 7 keys that will help you in getting some great part time paid freelance jobs:

  1. Make a strong portfolio. This may sound easy but you will need to work hard to create a good portfolio. You will have to write for some of the well known blogs or get your writings published on some websites. In the beginning you may have to work for low amounts or completely free. While choosing work in this stage, do not discriminate. But try to bag assignments with well renowned web sites even if the amount they pay is very low. Once you have published your work on some reputable blogs or portals, you can ask for higher rates.

  2. Try to write according to instruction so that the client gives positive ratings and feedback.

  3. Be consistent with your work and deliver good quality writings.

  4. Go to portals that are already popular because there is more chance of getting authentic clients who will pay the full amount on completion of the job.

  5. Create a profile in more than one portal. This helps because you never know which job you are going to land. So if you bid for more than one jobs in more than one portal you automatically increase your chances of getting a good assignment. Since there will be many other writers competing with you it is advisable to apply for as many assignments possible. Hopefully you will land one faster than you expected.

  6. Do not hesitate to provide free samples because most clients will ask for it. But do not write too many free samples for one specific client.

  7. The next step is to be well connected. Meet with fellow writers and attend group meets by your local writer’s club. This is a great place to catch up on the rates and build leads. You can easily get new leads and create contacts at such events. DO not hesitate to follow up on such leads because they can prove to be very beneficial and get you well paid jobs.

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