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What Does The Best Freelance Writing Job Look Like

For part-time work or a career, freelance writing is an ideal field for ambitious writers. It offers writers the chance to make $10 to $100 an hour by sitting at home at their laptop. When searching for potential jobs, writers must look for a few qualities. Although these generalizations are not always true, they are generally accurate portrayals of the best jobs.

Read Reviews

A writer seldom writes a poor review about a decent client. If they want to work with the client again, they will rate them highly. If there are negative reviews on the client's profile, the writer should never work with them. For a fellow writer to rate them poorly, the client must be exceptionally terrible to work with.

A Proven Track Record

One of the most common scams in the writing industry is to take off without paying for a project. A scam artist creates a profile and hires a large number of writers. Once the documents are sent through, they close down the profile and do not pay for the work. Writers can prevent this from occurring by looking for clients who have a proven track record. If the client has never hired someone else, the writer should stay away or get them to fund an escrow account before they start writing.

Promises of Long-Term Work

Although some clients offer long-term work at fair wages, overseas clients will often promise plenty of work if the writer accepts a low pay rate. Even if the client pays promptly, it may not be worth the writer's time to work for them. The writer must make enough money each hour to pay their bills. Accepting a low pay rate will decrease their earnings and prevent them from going after highly paid projects.

The Client is Clear and Organized

Clients who have hired other writers know how to format a project. They offer clear instructions, outlines and guides for the writer to use. If the client is continuously sending new ideas or changes, then they do not know what they want. A writer will never be able to please a client who does not know what they expect from the writer.

Look for Something Interesting

Every project should either help a writer's career, pay well or be enjoyable. A passion project will keep the writer's interest and make up for a lower pay. Likewise, higher pay or increased visibility can make up for a dull project. Writers should look for projects that contain at least one of these three factors.

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