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How To Get Well Paid Freelance Writing Jobs In Newspapers And Magazines

Newspapers and magazines provide a range of platforms for freelance writers who wish to make a decent pay. The following are tips on how to get well paid freelance writing jobs in newspapers and magazines.

Check out the Publication’s Guidelines

All publications have guidelines which explain the contracting process for writers who would like to start writing with them. These guidelines address:

Create a Business Plan

The business plan starts by you writing a one-page letter that gives detailed information on what your column entails. The page also reveals your credentials as a qualified writer. This plan is usually submitted to the magazine or newspaper company via email. From that point, the publication contracts you to write the column.

Consider what the publication has to offer

The main goal here is being provided with a platform on which you can prove your writing ability. The publication gets your name and work in front of potential clients who will love your work. An editor might give you a long piece of work to write on for less money but for a starter, take this positively since you will get more work pieces in the future. This encounter definitely provides you with a more worthy platform in the future.

Watch out for New Publications

New publications are seeking more content to fill out pages and are willing to work with new writers. Sign up with newsletters to get notices of new publications that pop up. Local publications have an affinity for local writers. Search for publications around your home area as you have a higher chance of being employed.

Recycle Ideas and get Many Paying Jobs

The best thing about being a freelancer is that you can reuse ideas often and on different platforms. If your idea works on one magazine, it is likely to do even better on a different publication and so why not go for it. You only need to make a few amendments and present your idea. It is also important to get familiar with more than one target market by use of subscriptions and exploring the online market. Challenge your abilities and you will finally get well-paid freelance writing jobs in newspapers and magazines.

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