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A Tried And Tested Strategy To Get Paid For Writing Articles Online

If you have decided to make money by writing and selling articles online, you need to remember that it’s not an easy thing. If you enter a related forum, you will see that it’s packed with questions like: “What’s the best-selling topic?”, “How big it should be to sell?”, “Are there topics that are never old?”, etc.

Experienced authors claim that success lies in writing more and better. Such a recommendation sounds like an evil joke for beginners who know very well how hard it is to compose the very first text and how anxious one can be, when trying to sell it.

Below, you will find several discoveries that are dedicated to the reasons why some articles are better than the others, and what a good text is.

To begin with, if you want to become a successful author and sell your texts at a good price, you need to know what customers want. An average customer is a webmaster who needs a unique text at a low price. Besides that, this webmaster needs a text of excellent quality for a home page, a slogan, something for a forum, and several positive customers’ reviews. Now, what should you do to meet this webmaster’s needs?

  1. As the given webmaster normally searches for texts at a certain online marketplace, the shortest way to find a good piece is through the local search option, by using a keyword. Your goal is to compose a text that will be among the top-20 most relevant results of this marketplace.

  2. The webmaster needs several articles that are dedicated to the same topic but are unique. Compose a range of interesting texts that have the same subject but new and interesting information.

  3. The webmaster needs a high quality writer that is determined by ratings at the marketplace. Earn your points to create a good reputation.

  4. The customer needs high-quality texts, so the price will hardly make any big difference. You should never set the lowest price for your texts because it automatically labels them as rubbish.

  5. If you provide a range of texts that are bound by the same subject, show high quality and interesting content, it’s very likely that the webmaster will buy them and leave an order for another website.

What’s a good article? It has a commercial bias (contains reviews, tips and hints on the choice of goods, etc.), is averagely priced, not too long, titled with a short but informative and catchy heading, and is based on the most reliable sources.

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