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Creating Winning Resumes For Freelance Writers: 10 Things You Must Know

When writing a resume as a freelance writer, there are various things to consider. The following outlines 10 important things that you must know before using your resume in order to try and win work.

  1. Include appropriate details relating to your education
  2. You should include appropriate details relating to your education. You don’t necessarily need to go in to too much detail, but be sure to include any of your most recent educational achievements, including any degrees or other qualifications at a higher level.

  3. Provide information about any training courses that you have done
  4. If you have completed any training courses, particularly those that are relevant to writing, then you may wish to include details of these as well.

  5. Include details of any certificates or awards that you have been given
  6. As well as details of any training courses, you may wish to include any other certificates or awards that you have been given, especially if they are related to writing.

  7. Give details of your work history
  8. Include any details of your work history, and list them so that the most recent period of employment is listed first.

  9. Give details of any major clients that you have worked for as a freelance writer
  10. As part of your employment history, if you are including details about your freelance writing work, then try and include any major clients that you may have worked with, especially if you can get references from them.

  11. Include details of what kind of writing work you do
  12. If you are applying for a writing job then it makes sense to include what style of writing you specialise in. For example, you may specialise in technical writing, article writing, report writing, grant writing, or any other form of writing: list any and all styles that you are competent at.

  13. Tailor your resume for each client
  14. It is also advisable to tailor your resume so that it appeals to the client that you are applying for work from.

  15. Do not include unnecessary details that can be put in a covering letter
  16. Is good idea to include a covering letter with your resume and, therefore, not to include any unnecessary details in the resume you could otherwise include in the covering letter.

  17. Proofread and check the resume thoroughly
  18. Whatever job you’re applying for, it is important that you proofread and edit your resume before sending it off, particularly if you are applying for a writing job.

  19. Ensure the resume is appropriately formatted and structured
  20. Just as it is important to proofread the work, so as to limit any spelling or grammatical errors, you should ensure that it is also formatted and structured correctly.

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