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7 Steps To Becoming A Top-Class Freelance Science Writer

Freelance writing is a field that is rapidly growing with employees. It’s something that has a ton of advantages – the work is all remote, all you really need is a computer, and you can pick and choose whatever projects you want to work on. There are a variety of subjects you can freelance write for, and one growing sphere is in science writing. If you haven’t dipped your toes into this type of work before, here are 7 steps to make the process a little easier. One of the most common mistakes amateur freelance writers make is falling into traps and scams. Keep these steps in mind and you’ll become a top-ranking writer.

  1. Establish yourself: Create a profile or resume that highlights any attractive or redeeming features you might have. If you’re using an online host to find your work, describe yourself professionally, but with a creative voice – this will attract clients as it shows that you are formal but unique. If you have a degree in a science-related field or are a huge fanatic of the subject, be sure to go into detail about that on your profile. This will make you seem like a more credible writer for the job.
  2. Set your rate: Depending on what type of work you’re doing – editing, ghostwriting, or creating original content – you’ll want to come up with an hourly rate that is pretty agreeable across the board..
  3. Meet deadlines: As a new independent writer, it’s important that you meet every single deadline set with your client. Be honest with yourself and set a due date that’s reasonable for you; don’t try to be impressive. Regardless of how much research your job may require, try to never be late. In the event that you have to miss a deadline, contact your client immediately.
  4. Build a portfolio: The more work you do, the more you’ll have to show for. Any work that kept your name on it can be organized into a portfolio (electronic or physical) for you to show future clients.
  5. Network: Contact professionals and work with clients who may know other clients. It’s likely that they’ll refer you to any professional they know if you do a good job. Establish a repertoire that affirms reliability and quality.
  6. Feedback: Always ask for feedback on every assignment you work on. This is the only way you will improve and reach that top tier of science writing.
  7. Experience: As with all things, experience will polish any skill. The more work you do, the more experienced you will become. This will equip you with skills to handle any client or assignment.

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