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How To Keep Your Clients Satisfied: A Manual For Freelance Copywriters

Getting and keeping clients are must-have skills for any freelance copywriter. Through a good client, the writer can develop long-term projects and a stable source of income. Although some copywriters are good at finding clients, they may have difficulties in maintaining the client relationship.

Stay Professional

A client is paying money for a professional writer. When they call, the sounds of a television, clinking beer bottles or a toddler should not be heard in the background. If a child is crying in the living room, the writer should wait until the room is quieter to call the client back.

Be Reachable

Clients want to hire writers who are responsive to questions or concerns. If the writer is unreachable for days at a time, the client will choose someone else. Smart writers get a business phone that allows them to receive e-mail updates. This allows them to answer the phone when they are out and send off messages.

Listen to Their Suggestions

Even if the client is not always right, the writer should still listen to their suggestions. The client is paying money for the project to turn out a certain way. It is up to the writer to creatively incorporate these ideas into a finished work.

Deadlines Are Not Suggestions

A deadline exists for a reason. Writers should take note of deadlines in their calender and make sure that they can submit it by the due date. The client is running a business, and they count on receiving that document in time. To keep a client satisfied, the writer must pay close attention to any upcoming due dates.

Accept Rejection Gracefully

After submitting a project, the writer may have to create revisions or change the document. This is just another part of a writer's life. Instead of reacting defensively, the writer should accept the revisions or rejection gracefully. If they need to, the writer can take a day or two off from the project before returning to the revisions. This will give them a chance to cool off and refocus their skills.

Other than basic revisions, the writer may be rejected for a job proposal or a client may stop hiring them. Writers should remain professional and courteous when they are faced with a rejection. The client may not hire them immediately, but they may choose to use their services again in the future. To find and maintain clients, writers should keep all of their options open.

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