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How To Get Good Academic Freelance Writing Jobs: 5 Tips To Consider

The academic and essay freelancer has a number of options available to them. There are thousands of students who don’t do their own work anymore; they outsource to businesses and individuals to get it done for them. In order to acquire some of these freelance jobs, there are a few things to consider before-hand unless you want to jump right in.

First, choosing websites. There are a lot of different freelance platforms, and some of them aren’t worth any time. Some of them are just people pretending then selling you a bill of goods but not paying any money. There have been a few rip-offs and wasted time, so pay attention to what you’ve been thinking about before you apply for a freelance profile.

Secondly, applying to jobs and addressing the specifics of the post. While you may not get every job you apply for unless you’re a job genius, but addressing the individual requests of the job board. If you’re just going to copy and paste a response every time, you probably won’t get an answer because you think you won’t. Creating and responding to the actual ad is what will make somewhat of a difference.

Have some samples. Samples are an effective way of actually showing the poster what you can do. It’s a way you can gauge whether or not they will work with you. If you send them something you love and they respond with minimal intent, then chances are that you’re better off moving along and finding another. There are always jobs to be had for everyone; it’s unlimited. It is. If you think it's limited, then you think you know everything, and you don’t.

Another way to ensure that you get some freelance jobs is to apply to as many as you know. It can be a numbers thing for you and if you apply to a lot of sites and get a single response and a job, well that’s a job. If you apply to many and get responses by many, then you have added bonuses, it’s a win-win if you want a job.

Being honest to your own criteria. If you have a specific topic that you don’t want, don’t bother entertaining it. It’s a waste, and the content will probably be crap. Apply for the jobs you want then you have nothing to lose.

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