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5 Great Struggles Of Every Freelance Writer And How To Overcome Them

Freelance writing is a very rewarding field but the freelancers who are honest will also admit that it is not without its challenges. If you’re considering freelancing or have already started and don’t know how to cope, read the following challenges and method of overcoming them:

Low Payment

The world is full of people who swear they can write. Writing is the type of freelancing with the lowest barriers to entry. As a result, people with no skills at all will underbid on projects and drive the price way below a liveable wage. This will vary from country to country of course with some freelancers benefitting from exchange rates. The solution is not to bid for bulk jobs. Focus on work that requires skills that most of the cheap writers just don’t have.

Aggressive Clients

Some clients have no clue what the relationship between client and freelancer is and they decide to treat anyone who works with them like a lazy employee. This may include micromanagement, nit-picking, berating and many other forms of work based abuse that are unnecessary. One way to avoid this is to look for reviews on any client before you agree to work with them.

Late or Absent Payment

Most freelancing sites have systems built in to protect freelancers from not being paid. Even despite this, some clients find ways of paying late or not releasing funds. This can be devastating if you have to pay your rent and were counting on this particular assignment to help you do that. You should avoid clients with a history of paying late but in the event that you just get unlucky with a client who normally pays, it helps to have a certain amount of money put aside for rainy days.

Long spaces between jobs

Freelancing can be unpredictable. You can go through bouts of feast and famine if you aren’t careful and this isn’t a good idea if you have dependents or other responsibilities. One solution to this problem is to diversify your income. Write an eBook and collect royalties from that while you wait for new clients to hire you. Create a blog and sell advertising space on it. These methods also help get your name out there so more people can find you.

These are some of the best pieces of advice you will encounter for conquering the less enjoyable aspects of freelance writing.

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